One of Iowa’s Favorite Drinks Is Being Discontinued

The first thing I learned pretty quickly when I moved to Iowa three years ago, is that I had been saying something wrong for my entire life.

Growing up on the East Coast, drinks like Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, and Mountain Dew were referred to as soda, not pop. Now, here in the Midwest, I get a bit of a weird look whenever I ask for some soda/

Something else that I learned is Iowans are BIG on Mountain Dew.

Unfortunately, a popular iteration of the drink is no more.

Mtn Dew Fans Closer Than Courtside At Courtside Studios During All-Star 2020
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Goodbye Mountain Dew Energy

In January PepsiCo, the parent company of Mountain Dew announced some sad news, according to reports. The popular drink Mountain Dew Energy would be no more.

"After careful consideration, we will be discontinuing MTN Dew Energy. We are incredibly grateful for your support. Fear not, Rockstar has your back for your energy needs. Find your flavor today," the company shared online.

What Is Mountain Dew Energy?

According to the official Mountain Dew wiki page (yes, that's a thing!) the drink was initially released in January of 2021 and was initially called Mountain Dew Rise.

The drink contains 180 Milligrams of caffeine, 5% juice, zero (0 G) added sugar, zinc, and vitamins A&C antioxidants.

Just to put that into perspective, 180 milligrams is the same amount of caffeine in TWO cups of coffee.

There were various flavors released over the soda's brief run which included;

  • pomegranate blue burst
  • strawberry melon spark
  • berry blitz
  • tropical sunrise
  • peach mango dawn
  • orange breeze
  • cherry lime lift
  • baja blast
  • code red
  • major melon
  • dragonfruit charge
  • liberty brew energy

Are you sad to see this drink go? Or are you going to start to hoard them and sell them for quadruple what they are actually worth on Ebay?

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