It never ceases to amaze me how some of the dogs we meet on Furry Fridays don't get adopted sooner. Take our new pal Molly we met this week. She is just two years old and is as friendly as any dog we've ever met! She knows some basic commands, took her treats gently and was more than willing to share some kisses! So why the heck has she not been adopted?

Molly has been staying at Safe Haven of Iowa County for several months now. She is a lab, pit, Akita mix and you can really see all three breeds in her. She looks a lot like a chocolate lab, but her head is wider like a pit. And there is no mistaking that Akita curved tail! Molly gets along with most other dogs if introduced properly but she should be kept away from cats. Older kids would be better too because she is a big active girl!

If you want a big, loving and active dog to add to your family then look no further than Molly!  Contact Safe Haven today!

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