The Cedar Rapids Police Department has added an adorable new officer to the force!

Earlier this month, the CRPD posted some photos on Facebook that caught the public's eye for GOOD reasons! They announced that a new Canine Officer will be added to their team, and his name is Ranger. As you can see from the photo above, he's already reporting for duty!

According to the Cedar Rapids Police Department's post, Canine Officer Ranger is a purebred bloodhound from Kentucky that has made his way to Eastern Iowa. The CRPD says that bloodhounds make great police dogs because of their sense of smell. The post reads:

"Bloodhounds are born tracking masters with legendary noses that can follow scents for miles and help officers find lost kids, wayward citizens and yes, people trying to get away from crime scenes."

Unlike the other seven Cedar Rapids Canine Officers, Ranger is only going to be trained for trailing and scent-detection. He's still a puppy, though, so he's got a lot of learning to do! He will join other Canine Officers Korsa, Bart, Mac, Tibi, Elo, Lara, and Ryder. Lara and Ryder are currently the newest members of the CRPD, both getting their start in 2022.

Ranger will make his first public appearance at the June 3rd Farmers Market in Downtown Cedar Rapids. In addition to meeting him, citizens can also buy plush toys of Ranger, which are already produced and ready to go. We are looking forward to seeing Officer Ranger out and about in Cedar Rapids next month!

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