Moms are amazing people. When you consider the amount of time working moms spend on their families and jobs, it's no wonder they're often referred to as superheroes. That's exactly what they are. The only thing missing is the cape.

Welch's commissioned a study of 2,000 moms in the U.S. who had kids between ages 5 and 12. It found that the average working mom's day started at 6:23 a.m. It didn't conclude until 8:31 p.m. A 14-plus hour day, every day. Of course, there's no weekend for moms which makes that total over 98 hours for the week. 98 HOURS! Perhaps the scariest thing of all is that's not the least bit inflated.

Forty percent of the moms in the study, published by Working Mother, said they felt like each day is just a series of to-dos, one after another. They also estimated a grand total of about 67 minutes for themselves each day. That's probably from 8:32 p.m., til they collapse at 9:39.

Try to give a little more help or treat her to a little me time. Might I suggest wine, the spa, a night out, and perhaps most importantly, say thank you. If there's one thing everybody of any age can agree on, we never thank our mom enough. Do it tonight and you just might see that smile. After all, is there anything better?

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