YouTube rules the world. OK, not necessarily mine, but certainly for my kids. They're on it all the time! Whether it's discovering new music, or watching funny cat videos, you can find it all on YouTube. But if you watch for awhile, especially at night, it can take a toll on your eyes and vision. Well, YouTube has unveiled a new feature that might just save your eyes while watching the latest Star Wars trailer! It's called YouTube 'Dark'.

YouTube via KHAK
YouTube via KHAK

As you can see in the above phone of the KHAK Youtube channel, the background is no longer white, but black. That cuts back on the harsh amount of light your eyes see while watching videos. Now I've never watched YouTube long enough to make my eyes tired, but I know my kids have! If this is easier on the eyes, I'm all for it.

There are a few catches to using the new 'dark' feature. You have to use the Google Chrome browser. Then there are a small number of directions you need to take to go dark. You can find those detailed directions HERE. Another catch is that you have to redo those steps every time you close your Chrome browser.

While the answer to eye strain may be watching fewer videos, at least YouTube is still trying to address the issue. Here's hoping they make it a permanent feature.


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