Iowa's Caitlin Clark has no doubt changed the game of women's basketball. Her talent and charisma have made fans across the state and across the nation. One of her most infamous plays from last year would never have happened under new rules being put into effect by the NCAA.

The game of women's basketball got a lot of attention last season and for good reasons. Star players like Caitlin Clark helped to raise the profile of the women's game. Riveting games in the NCAA Tournament garnered record ratings on TV. The culmination of an amazing season was the National Championship game between the Hawkeyes and the LSU Tigers. Things just didn't go Iowa's way. Many will remember Angel Reese waving in Caitlin Clark's face. But many Iowa fans will point to another play and the devastating effect it had on Iowa's rally.

Ah, yes. The technical foul heard around the world. You heard announcer Rebecca Lobo say it in the video clip. No player should ever get a technical foul for that. In the biggest game of the year. Not to mention that the technical also counted as Clark's fourth foul of the game. One more, and she would have fouled out. Did one call cost Iowa the game? Hardly. But the officiating in that game left a bad taste in the mouth of basketball fans, and the NCAA has responded. reports that the NCAA has changed the rules for delay of game violations during a game. Players will no longer be charged with a technical foul for certain in-game violations, including the play Caitlin Clark got a T for in the National Championship game. The NCAA also says that a technical foul for a delay of game will now go to the team, and not count towards the player. It doesn't lessen the sting of a tough loss, but at least the NCAA listened.

Introducing the 'Caitlin Clark Rule.' Better late than never, NCAA.

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