Over the weekend, another reason that 2020 is shaping up to be the worst year ever, surfaced on the west coast. As if a global pandemic that has shut down our nation and the economy isn't enough. Now we have to put up with the threat of giant, deadly hornets!

KCRG TV reports that scientists confirm a new and deadly form of hornet has made its way to the United States. Asian giant hornets have been spotted in Washington state. These large insects even come with a cute nickname custom made for 2020. 'Murder Hornets'. Yes, folks, we're dealing with bugs that can kill you. The venomous sting of one of these hornets, even larger than the one pictured on this page, can kill a human if more than one attacks them. Their stings are also strong enough to pierce a beekeepers suit.

So how did these apocalyptic insects get here? Scientists say they're not sure. The hornets were first spotted out west in December of 2019. They got active again last month and have been attacking beehives.


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