Now THAT is a snow fence. Admit it. You woke up this morning and thought, 'Wow. It's beautiful.' As much as we all dreaded a mid-April snowstorm, it's aftermath was beautiful albeit very short-lived.

Earlier today, the National Weather Service reported a couple of spots in extreme south-central Iowa had received more than a foot of snow. They've backed off that with the winner being Beaconsfield, Iowa in Ringgold County receiving nine inches of the white stuff overnight. The Cedar Rapids metro came in between three and four inches. You can see more totals from the National Weather Service in the graphic below and photos from eastern Iowa at the bottom of the story.


The heavy, wet snow left a gorgeous Iowa landscape behind for us to all wake up to. Here are some of the terrific photos taken. Thanks to everyone for allowing us to use the pictures.

While I enjoyed seeing it this morning, I'm fine not seeing it again until November or December.

LOOK: Iowa Spring Snowstorm Makes For Gorgeous Morning

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