What is happening?! A major winter storm is bearing down on Iowa, on April 16.

Snowstorms this time of year can be real trouble because they typically have tons of moisture to work with. See exhibit A, below. That's what I call it, anyway. This is what the National Weather Service in Des Moines is projecting for snowfall totals. Yes, that's 12-18 inches in parts of extreme south central Iowa and a widespread area of at least eight inches. I hope you haven't put the snowblower away for the year.

NOAA, Des Moines

The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities isn't forecast totals quite that high but you can bet residents in Burlington aren't thrilled with what they're saying, either.


Here's the midwest radar just before 9:30 this morning:


The precipitation is expected to begin as a rain/snow mix across the area over the latter half of the afternoon before becoming all snow.

Though it's a fairly narrow band across the U.S., a minimum of seven different states are under Winter Weather Advisories or Winter Storm Warnings. Ok, Mother Nature, show us what you've got. However, could you agree to make this the last one for this spring? You've probably heard, we're going through some things and we REALLY don't need this.


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