We see the snow plows all across the state of Iowa paving the way for us to move again. We see the brine, salt, and sand the men and women apply on all of our roads to give us traction to get from point "a" to point "b." However, just how much does it cost for all those plows and the men and women at their controls? The numbers from the Iowa Department of Transportation are staggering.

You may recall Iowa got snow Sunday. I know it seems like so long ago, but as of 2 p.m. today, the Iowa D.O.T. has spent $1.9 million... just in the last 48 hours. Yes, everything that Mother Nature has been throwing at us is not only annoying and exhausting (there are a few other choice words I probably better not use), but it also costs a fortune. Here's the breakdown of the $1.9 million from the D.O.T.'s Winter Cost Calculator:

Total Cost: $1,900,307
Material Cost: $955,536
Labor Cost: $514,450
Equipment Cost: $430,306
Salt Applied (Pounds): 22,640,442
Labor Hours: 11,296

I told you the numbers were staggering. And remember, these are only I.D.O.T. costs!

Thank you to all the hardworking men and women of the D.O.T., individual cities, and county workers around the state. I know you have to be exhausted, but I assure you that you are all VERY appreciated.

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