First off I would like to say "thank you" to the Iowa D.O.T. Saturday night, I had an event to attend in Tama. Now the weather wasn't terrible, but it did make for some hazardous driving conditions with the light snow falling off & on Saturday afternoon and evening. The snowplow drivers did a great job with keeping most of the roads cleaned off, but with a new fresh layer of snow on the ground late Saturday evening into Sunday morning, the invention of rumble strips in the center and on the side of the road made the trip much safer.

Most of Highway 30 was snow-packed and covered. With the clouds Saturday night and no real light from the moon, it was an extremely dark trip home and tough to realize if you were on your side of the road or not. The two-lane portion of Highway 30 from Benton to Tama County features the rumble strips, which was wonderful. Moving a little to far to the left, you would hear and feel the rumble on your left tires. Moving too far to the right, you could hear and feel them on your right side tires. I used this sound and feel for the 30-plus mile stretch to get me to the four-lane part of Highway 30 from Benton County to Linn County.

Thank you again, Iowa D.O.T., for doing this to Highway 30 and keeping everyone safe.

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