Drivers in parts of the Midwest experienced obstacles in their commute this morning that you'd have to see to believe.

Foot-deep hail sounds outlandish, but we're all believers after seeing some of the conditions this morning. KCCI reports that a severe thunderstorm that rolled through the Midwest poured an abundant amount from Omaha to as far as the Council Bluffs area. The report states that one driver even had to be rescued with a tow truck from hail that was more than one foot deep in the road. See for yourself below.

The hail not only gave commuters trouble, but it also damaged siding on homes, filled yards, and stripped leaves off of trees. Residents in Adair, where a tornado claimed the life of one last week, also saw their share of hail. It looks like snow!

Not only was the hail a sight to see, but so was the wind. Menlo resident Mary Little shared a video with KCCI of the storm's strong winds blowing through her neighborhood. Be aware, some NSFW language is used in the video.

Between the winter storms, flooding, tornadoes, and hail, it's safe to say that we've seen our share of bad weather so far this spring. It looks like we may have some more scattered storms this evening, but let's hope they pass soon. Dry weather can come any day now! Please...we're getting desperate.

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