When Jersey's Downtown closed in February there were many questions as to why. Was it because of health code violations? Was it because of safety concerns? Was there a disagreement between Jersey's and Harold's Chicken? According to court documents, it might have had to do with unpaid bills.

According to court documents, Jersey's faces eviction at 9 a.m. today and also has unpaid bills totaling more than $70,000. Jersey's landlord, Sherman Associates, also listed three other reasons that the restaurant's lease was terminated. Following the closure, Jersey's failed to stay open to the agreed upon hours. Jersey's never got permission to sublet to Harold's Chicken. Jersey's failed to maintain a crime-free environment. The landlords also claim that breaking the lease, which was to last until the year 2022, means they can recover the value of lost rent. That bill could total more than $450,000.

No matter what the real reason for the closure was, these new details reveal one sure thing. Jersey's Downtown won't be back anytime soon.


[via KCRG]

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