The official first day of spring was last week, but today, in my opinion, is the true holiday associated with warmer weather. It's Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Yes, I get it. Oakland and Seattle played in Japan last week and those games counted. But today is the true opening day. A full schedule of games with some important early matchups.

I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan. The National League Central used to be a division they won regularly. But with the rise of the Chicago Cubs and last year's surprise team the Milwaukee Brewers, the division is wide open this year. St. Louis begins play today at Milwaukee in a key early season division matchup.

Not every opening day matchup makes perfect sense. The Chicago Cubs begin 2019 in Texas to take on the Rangers. Not exactly a matchup fans clamor for on opening day.  You can check out the rest of today's opening day schedule HERE.

Something else strange making headlines today involving MLB is the fact that baseball has become the first of the four major sports to have no active players who played in the 1900s. None. The last two were Adrian Beltre who made his debut in 1998 and Bartolo Colon who played first back in 1997.


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