Our Florida family vacation that just ended, was special for a number of reasons. We finally got to visit Holly's aunt, and it marked the first time that our three kids got to fly the friendly skies! It also marked the first time that I had boarded a plane in decades too. Yes, security can take awhile, but overall the process of flying in the year 2021 was a smooth one. Unless you miss your flight.

Before I launch into this tale of woe, I first have to share our experience flying this vacation. We flew Allegiant Air from Cedar Rapids to the Orlando/Sanford Airport and the flight was great. Our trip home was great too. TSA security agents were very nice as well, as long as you listened to their directions. I would have no issue flying someplace else soon. But make no mistake, these people will not bend the rules, no matter how close you are to making your flight.

Our last morning in Florida, we hit Ron John's Surf Shop and the proceeded to the Orlando/Sanford Airport for our 1:10pm flight back to Cedar Rapids. But something went crazy with our GPS and it ended up taking us back to a prior stop, some 55 minutes away from the airport. By the time we realized it, we knew we were probably out of luck. But after some quick driving, I won't disclose miles per hour due to legal reasons, we got to the airport with 35 minutes to spare. After dropping off our rental car, we went through security and as I looked up at the departures, our flight was listed as 'last call'. I told Carly to sprint down and tell them a family of five was here. She took off as fast as she could and I saw her arrive just as the doors were closed. Thirty seconds too late.

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So back down to the flight counter we went. There were no more direct flights to Cedar Rapids available until Monday, but there was a flight to Des Moines on Saturday evening. Our Florida vacation was extended by a day. I booked the flight, which cost another $400 in penalties for missing our initial flight, Holly booked a hotel for $180, I booked a car rental in Des Moines for $110,  then an Uber ride to the hotel at $25, add in several more meals at around $150, plus another Uber ride TO the airport for $25, and missing our flight home turned out to be an expensive mistake.

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