Minnesota Woman Shocked At Unusual Sighting By Back Door

Are you ready to be freaked out?  Have you ever had a moment where you are just staring at the TV and sort of zone out at what the rest of the world is doing?   That's me normally but earlier this spring, I was binge-watching a little bit of Netflix...ok, a lot of Netflix...and everyone else was in bed already.  It was just me and my dogs.  Thankfully they were asleep behind the chair I was sitting in because I think they would have broken our sliding glass door if they saw what showed up in our yard.

I don't live in the city limits of Rochester, Minnesota but I do have a Rochester address so I'm not far from the rest of the busy Med City life.  But I do have woods, a few acres, and deer that are in our yard every single day.  In fact, in the winter, they had a path cut in the snow because they walk in the same spot multiple times a day.

Jessica Williams/TSM Rochester Preston
Jessica Williams/TSM Rochester Preston

What showed up by my back door though was NOT a deer.  It was NOT a fox.  At first, I honestly thought it was one of my neighbors' dogs because every now and then, they wander and need a little help getting back to their yards.  It wasn't a dog though.

I paused my Netflix and got closer to the door to try to take a video of the prowling animal.  I thought for sure that it would bolt as soon as I got closer to the door but it didn't.  It hardly even cared that I was there.  I did manage to get a video though and you can see it below or over on TikTok.

Crazy, right?!  I'm pretty sure this was a coyote.

We hear coyotes every now and then and have had smaller coyotes near the house but never this close.

What animals have startled you?

Let me know what wildlife you've seen that startled you a bit.  Snakes, deer, skunk...I think that might be the worst because if you startle it, you are going to STINK!!!!

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