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There are houses that just stop you in your tracks and make you say "wow!" This is undeniably one of those exceptional homes.

Preserving its timeless charm, the 1884 Quintessential High Victorian Home seamlessly combines historic elegance with modern amenities.

Nestled on Summit Ave, which according to the listing, is not A street in St Paul, it is THE street.

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The exterior is what initially caught my attention, but the interior is equally remarkable. Just wait until you see the kitchen, the moody parlour, the phenomenal ceilings, etched glass doors, the incredible nooks throughout, private balconies, the allure of green marble floors, and so much more.

Michael D. Smith Anderson Realty
Michael D. Smith Anderson Realty

This incredible place has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, on three unique levels, and sits on over half an acre.

With 11,880 square feet of finished space, every corner of this home holds something uniquely captivating.

Real Estate Spotlight: Castle-Like Home For Sale in Minnesota

This massive house located in St. Paul legit looks like a castle!

It's listed for $1,950,000.

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

I wish I could buy this and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Tell me it's not THE perfect home for a bed and breakfast.

Every room has it's own private bathroom. Each has their own unique look and feel!

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Plus, so many comfy places to curl up, read a book, relax, and enjoy the home.

Not to mention, it's location is prime - close to the capital, Xcel Energy Center, the Science Museum, CHS Field, and so much more.

Click here to check out the full listing.

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The average size home in Minnesota is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500 square feet, and that's a good size home.

Minnesota's largest home is HUGE - it would be like taking a 2,500 square foot house and duplicating it EIGHT times!

Take a peek inside the biggest home in Minnesota. It's almost 20,000 square feet!

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