When Amanda from Last Hope Animal Rescue brought in our Furry Friday dog a bit early this week, indications were that we had another puppy on our hands! Dodger appeared to be black lab puppy that was looking for his forever home and a place to grow. It turns out that Dodger is a little older than anyone thought!

Dodger was an owner surrender and initially, the folks at Last Hope thought he was a puppy too! But after an examination, they noticed that he had adult teeth! Yes, Dodger was no longer a puppy, but he is a fairly young dog. They estimate he is around 9 months old and is a lab mix. Clearly, mixed with a smaller breed dog. So you get all the cuteness of a lab in a convenient travel size! Dodger gets along with other dogs and cats but does like to be the center of attention. He also loves kids! He did nothing but try and give us kisses while he visited.

If you want to bring Dodger home, he is available at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids! Make him your forever puppy today!

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