When Amanda from Last Hope Animal Rescue brought in our Furry Friday dog this week, I asked what the dog's name was. She replied, Carew. I replied, you mean like Hall of Famer Rod Carew? For those of you who haven't gotten the joke yet, that's a line from the Adam Sandler song 'The Chaunaka Song'. As a baseball fan, I also know that Rod Carew is one of the greatest hitters in history. But baseball aside, let's talk about Carew the dog!

Carew is a pit bull with a beautiful white face. She was so loving and affectionate in the studio with us. She also loved our cookie treats! She ate quite a few but was so well behaved she sat, for most of them anyway. Carew would do best in a home with no cats. She is also slightly dog selective and may do best if she is the only dog in the house. The bottom line is, Carew is looking for a family to love her and bring her into a great home.

If you want to find out more about Carew, the dog and not the ball player, just contact Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids.

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