The CEO of Horizons, which handles Meals on Wheels in Linn and Johnson counties, has released information on the organization's plan to continue to provide meals for their homebound customers.

In an email from Mike Barnhart, he states that in order to limit the exposure to both Meals on Wheels clients and volunteer delivery drivers, new precautions are being taken.

Meals will no longer be delivered hot each day. Instead, those who receive meals in Linn and Johnson County will have five days of frozen meals delivered one time per week. That will be done on either Tuesday and Wednesday, depending on the route. "Shelf-stable foods" foods will be delivered each Monday for those that request them.

Current volunteers that deliver on Thursday or Friday do not need to report to Horizons at this time. Volunteers who can conduct well-checks on clients twice each week are needed. To volunteer, please email Sandy Rosenberger at or call (319) 375-3108.

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