I love it when fast food restaurants test market new food ideas. Some don't stay, but this one just might. McDonald's is testing out a new addition to their classic 'Big Mac' sandwich, and it's a spicy one! Get ready to try your Big Mac with Sriracha!

The fast food giant is mixing their secret Big Mac sauce with Sriracha to spice things up. They're also making the Sriracha fueled sauce available as a side for dipping. The new combination is only available in certain McDonald's test markets, including Colombus, Ohio and 600 locations on the West Coast.

Why go spicy? It's McDonald's latest attempt to reach millennials. A recent survey found that only one in five have tried a Big Mac. Two other versions of the sandwich will debut on menus nationwide later this year. The Grand Mac, and the Mac Jr.


[via Gazette]

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