Say what?!

In honor of the new Big Macs (the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr.), McDonald's is doing something extra-special for their customers. Starting today, they will be giving away bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce at select locations all over the country! They're still not giving away their secret recipe, though (and no, they say it's NOT just Thousand Island dressing!).

In order to see locations where the sauce is available now, you can download the "McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce Finder App." The secret code to redeem your sauce at the register is, “There’s a Big Mac for that.” You can also tune into the McDonald's live stream at 1 p.m.

Unfortunately, there is not ONE SINGLE IOWA LOCATION. We are INCREDIBLY unhappy. Not even Des Moines made the cut! The closest locations to us are near La Crosse, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US, MCDONALD'S?

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