Admit it. You still enjoy a burger from McDonald's once in a while. Or perhaps it's their McNuggets you crave with your favorite dipping sauce. Either way, the golden arches appear in your sights once in a while. Even more, if you have kids! Gotta get those Happy Meal toys! But a midwest man has everyone beat in his love of McDonald's because, after 50 years, he's still 'loving it!

That man's name is Don Gorske, and as you might imagine, his feat has landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Big Macs eaten. Gorske can still remember the day he had his first Big Mac, May 17th, 1972 according to WRAL. Since that date, the Wisconsin man has only missed eight days of eating a Big Mac. And Gorske should know. He counts every Big Mac that he eats! As of this past Tuesday, he has consumed 32.944 Big Mac sandwiches, and a Coca Cola to drink.

WRAL reports that now that his streak has stretched past the 50-year mark, Gorske has upped his intake to TWO Big Macs every day! And he doesn't have any plans of stopping, saying he'll enjoy his favorite meal until the day he dies. Gorske says that he just can't think of a food he loves as much as a Big Mac.

Is there any food that you'd be willing to eat EVERY day for 50 years? I mean, I love taco pizza, but eating it every day? While you might not like his nutrition, you have to salute Gorske for his streak!

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