The news for Netflix lately hasn't been good. Their top two streaming shows, Friends and The Office, are leaving soon for other streaming services. Plus, for the first time in 8 years, subscriptions went down much more than predicted. Add in several other streaming competitors firing up soon and suddenly Netflix appears vulnerable. Maybe if they actually offered a lower price point on their services, more people would sign up.

Netflix is actually introducing a new entry-level plan that would cost just under $3. That's right, $3! Now before you jump out of your chair there are some catches. The first being, this plan is being tested right now in India. Secondly, it's for your mobile devices only. No streaming on your nice big screen TV. Also, you can only stream in standard definition and only on one device at a time. But once again, it's only $3 a month! That's a super low price point that makes every other streaming service look pricey.

Now it wouldn't work for everyone. My family needs a plan with multiple streams available, as we watch different shows at the same time. But if you're single or live alone, why not give this plan a try. Even though you can't stream it on your TV, you can use a big iPad or tablet to watch on. Even though Netflix says it has no plans to offer this price plan in other regions, it shows that the company is thinking outside the box about ways to stay in the streaming game.


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