And in other, more humorous Star Wars news…Many fans were a bit disappointed with Lucasfilm’s decision to hire Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow to helm Episode 9, but perhaps starting a petition to have George Lucas replace him on the final film in the new trilogy is taking things a little too far. This is what you might call a severe overreaction.

There are good reasons to be unhappy or iffy about Trevorrow directing Episode 9: instead of hiring a woman or person of color, Lucasfilm went with yet another white dude — the director of Jurassic World, which was a very expensive, very good-looking B-movie at best (that’s not necessarily a knock).

There are also irrational reactions to Trevorrow’s hiring, like this petition started by Brazilian fan Yuri Luiz to campaign Lucasfilm to replace Trevorrow with…George Lucas. The same George Lucas who made the inarguably terrible prequel trilogy. The same George Lucas who went back and digitally tampered with the original trilogy, adding unnecessary CG and questionable editing to films that didn’t need to be futzed with in the first place. The same George Lucas who made sure that these digitally “enhanced” versions of the films would be the only ones available to purchase for the foreseeable future. Yes, that George Lucas.

The petition has a little over 12,600 supporters, and Luiz says that while he has no problem with Trevorrow, he feels the Jurassic World director is not the right person to helm a Star Wars sequel — which kind of sounds like he has problem with Trevorrow, to be honest.

All of this is pointless, of course, as Lucas has made it very clear that he’s finished with Star Wars (though that has not stopped him from having very strong opinions about his former franchise), and Lucasfilm is locked in with Trevorrow.

There are valid apprehensions to be had, especially since Jurassic World proves more than anything that Trevorrow is a yes man. It’s a competently-made mess of a movie that feels like there were a lot of hands in the pot — a lot of hands that Trevorrow, an indie director making his studio debut on a big budget franchise blockbuster, didn’t want to disagree with.

To be fair, that last one is also a good reason to look forward to Episode 9, where Trevorrow will be given more freedom and trust, and will be shooting from a script by Episode 8 director Rian Johnson — and it’s more than safe to assume that it will be a pretty good script.

If you want to complain about Trevorrow’s hiring, maybe suggest a more reasonable replacement, like Kathryn Bigelow or Ryan Coogler. Suggesting Lucas feels like hitting a doomsday button because a mouse scurried across your foot.