As KHAK's resident Star Wars expert, I feel a responsibility to share my thoughts on this Friday's opening of 'The Last Jedi'. For months I've kept my excitement tempered. I've avoided online articles and fan theories. Now, just days away I'm getting pumped for what I feel is going to be not just another good Star Wars movie, but possibly a great one.

When it comes to Star Wars, you only have to go back and look at the original trilogy for my optimism. When 'A New Hope' was released in 1977 it changed movies forever. It was an instant classic. But what happened in 1980? We were given something that we had never seen before. A sequel that was better! I give you, 'The Empire Strikes Back!'

Is there a better Star Wars movie? As of now, my answer is no. But the middle film of a trilogy theory is what makes 'The Last Jedi' so intriguing. 'The Force Awakens' was a great introduction to some great new characters and of course, updating us on Luke, Leia, and Han. What appears to be next is a much darker chapter in this new trilogy. The trailers suggest a struggle between dark and light. Who is Rey? Who are her parents? Why is Luke afraid to train her? All questions we'll have answers to soon!


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