Sarah Lacina, a Cedar Rapids police officer making her second appearance on the hit CBS reality show 'Survivor,' is getting into exciting territory. She started out as one of twenty contestants on the 34th season of the show. Now she's in the top nine!

Sarah, pictured below with Zeke, who was last night's contestant voted off the show, is receiving tons of on-camera time and has cast one of the deciding votes in each of the last two episodes.

She's definitely in a good position at this point but if there's one thing I've learned watching 'Survivor' since its very first season, things can change very quickly.

If you wanna catch up with the show to this point, you can watch all the full episodes HERE.

Will Sarah win the $1 million? Sarah already knows if she's in the top three. Rules say that she can't tell anyone. If she did reach that point, excitement will be high in the corridor as the votes from the final tribal council are revealed live on CBS. Here's hoping we find out in a few weeks that she's the metro's newest millionaire.

[via CBS]

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