I got the email just before 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. It was the latest mascot survey from the Marion Independent School District. If this sounds a bit familiar, it should. This is the second time the district has gone through this process.

Initially, Marion voted to get rid of the Indians mascot after receiving complaints from two local tribes in Eastern Iowa. The search began for a new name, with a district wide vote eventually settling on the nickname 'Mavericks.' But then that name faced scrutiny and it's potentially racist history was brought to light. The school board then recently voted to not use Mavericks and start the whole process over again. Back to yesterday's email. It took me to a survey and asked me to vote for at least one, and up to ten, yes, TEN, selections for the new mascot name. We're apparently leaving no name behind this time. Here are the 30 names up for considerations.

Bison, Broncos, Buffalo, Bulldogs, Chargers, Ducks, Eagles, Falcons, Grizzlies, Hornets, Hurricanes, Huskies, Jaguars, Marion (no mascot), Locomotives, Mallards, Mammoths, Manatees, Marsupials, Mastodons, Megalodons, Moose, M's, Muskies, Muskrats, Panthers, Ravens, Rockets, Scorpions, Storm, Terrapins, Thunder, Tigers, Timberwolves, Vipers, Wildcats, Wolfpack, Wolverine, Wolves.

39 nicknames to choose from. Some don't make sense due to geographic reasons. I'd like to rule out Hurricanes and Manatees because of, well, we're not in FLORIDA. The fact that 'no mascot' or M's are even options seems a bit self defeatist in my opinion as well.

I'm not going to tell Marion residents what name they should vote for. But I will tell you mine. I only voted for one. Give me the Marion Red Storm. No ducks. No moose. A RED STORM. If this goes on much longer, I may just move to where there are manatees.


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