When I was working at gas stations, we were told to always check everyone for ID. Especially when we had any idea an alcohol/tobacco sting was coming, or even if we didn't. It ticked off our regulars, but it also saved us from a lot of trouble.

The same could NOT be said recently for several Marion businesses. The Marion Police Department performed a sting operation at 20 bars and restaurants on December 19.

Of the 20 businesses involved, only 12 were found to be compliant, as two underage males were planted in the restaurants to order alcohol. One of the businesses was found to be closed, but the individuals were actually served at 7 of them, leading to a $735 fine for the establishments. Those fined included Urban Pie, Louie's Scoreboard, Tomaso's, Best Western Longbranch, Napoli's. Mandarin Spice and Cibo Fusion.

Bad news for these local businesses, but perhaps they'll know better next time.

[Via Gazette HARD COPY, Gazette website]



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