If you enjoy going to movies like my wife and I do, you'll probably start finding more time to do just that when you hear this news. Marcus Theatres in Cedar Rapids, owners of the Galaxy 16 Cine on Council St. NE, has announced upgrades. This is the immediate one. Just look at these beautiful seats, called DreamLoungers:

Marcus Theatres is installing them in ALL 16 of their auditoriums at the Council Street location. They're starting on the first room this week and will keep going until all are complete. Let me tell you a little more about these beauties.

The DreamLounger, as you've probably already figured out, is a leather recliner. According to Marcus Theatres, you push a button and can go from upright to full incline. Once installed, you'll have a full seven feet of legroom!  The Gazette says that's about twice what's available now. No more trips to the concession stand tripping over other moviegoers. The additional legroom, of course, means fewer seats but I think we'll survive. The armrest in between the seats can still be lifted up. And... you'll actually have a reserved seat now.

Marcus Theatres has other plans for the Cedar Rapids location, but nothing else has been unveiled yet. Other locations that Marcus bought when they acquired Wehrenberg Theatres last year have also seen additional food and drink options. Stay tuned.

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