I have a huge soft spot in my heart for labs. My favorite dog growing up was a black lab named Jazz. She was my brother and I's best friend growing up on our farm in rural Jones County. She truly was a member of our family. I still have a picture of her on my desk at work. She was one of a kind.

Ryan Brainard

Our Furry Friday dog this week is also a lab, and he completely took over the KHAK studios! Loki is around one or two years old and is a black lab. As with any lab that age, Loki is full of youthful energy. He just wants to have fun ALL the time! He knows how to sit and shake and took his treats very gently.


If you're looking for a fun lab for your family, Loki is the guy for the job! He reminded me so much about what I loved about Jazz. You just can't duplicate that lab love and energy. Loki is available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Shelter in Cedar Rapids.