A video shared to LiveLeak shows an undisclosed town's Little Caesars being robbed in the middle of the day, and the staff does nothing (as they're told to) to stop the man, but that doesn't stop them from making fun of the robber's methods.

"You better pull that thing back bro," one employee says as the robber, who is only wearing a hat and sunglasses for a disguise, tries to pry open the cash register with a tire iron.

"We need to stomp him out, bruh," another says to his fellow employees, to which another replies "Nah, we just work here."

WARNING: Adult Language

"Come on, bro, that's all you're getting is $60? You better let me get some of that," Employees heckled as he tried to squeeze his hand in the partially opened cash register.

One employee tells the employees to not touch anything, while another says "Is that seriously all you're taking?"

The robber hears the employee say not to touch anything, and comes back in to wipe his fingerprints off of the cash register, and grabs a few more bills while he's at it.

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