A Facebook post from a member of the Linn-Mar Community School board has sparked calls from some parents for her to resign.

CBS2 reports that several parents have called on school board member Rachael Wall to step down after a post on Facebook sparked some online controversy. The post from late January stated the following.

As you can imagine in the day and age we live in, that got more than a few parents fired up. CBS2 reports that during a recent school board meeting one parent who attended stated that "In a school system, you guys push hard to be inclusive. I understand that, but you're leaning toward the side of promoting social narratives more than you are education." A member of the group Mom's for Liberty in Linn County stated that the current public school curriculum is the reason that she and her husband pulled their kids out of the district.

CBS2 reports that others came out in support of Wall's statement, including one person that said that parents who disagree have a problem thinking outside of the box, and called the group of dissenting parents "small but very vocal." The Marion Alliance for Racial Equality also spoke out in favor of Wall, telling CBS2,

We want to ensure focus remains on the students, parents, staff, and administrators to have the support needed to support our district. It is disheartening to see attacks towards our Linn-Mar board on a local, state, and national level.

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