Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner has announced plans to discipline eight employees after alerting KCRG-TV of a recently completed harassment investigation within the department. Gardner told the I9 investigation team that he chose to go public in the interest of transparency. He noted that his office has nothing to hide.

Gardner said that a deputy who works in the jail filed a complaint in late June that claimed co-workers harassed him for taking time off for the birth of his child. His time off was covered under the Family Medical Leave Act. The sheriff's office hired an outside attorney to investigate the case. They found that there was indeed harassment, but that it did not break state or federal laws.

Gardner says that around eight staff members will face some sort of disciplinary action. That could range from a warning to a suspension. Gardner also revealed that the entire staff, around 180 employees, will also undergo harassment training.


[via KCRG]

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