Getting rid of strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle in the wake of racial allegations from football players, past and present, may have been the right thing for the University of Iowa Athletic Department to do, but it hasn't been cheap.

After signing a separation agreement with Doyle earlier this week, he and the football team parted ways, and Doyle got $1.1 million out of it.

According to the Gazette, it may cost up to $675 per hour to hire a Kansas City firm to look further into the years of allegations against Doyle, from players who have just recently been able to bring them to light in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder and the lifting of a social media ban on these players by coach Kirk Ferentz.

The Gazette reports that Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta presided over the signing of a contract with Husch Blackwell Friday for an independent investigation Barta said will take “weeks not months”. They are the same firm hired by Iowa State in 2017-18 to handle sexual and racial misconduct issues.

The contract lays out payments for individual attorneys ranging from "$240 to $675 per hour for partners and $200 to $390 per hour for senior counsel and associates." Travel and other expenses were not noted.

It's important to get to the bottom of the Doyle allegations, no matter what it takes, and the University seems willing to do so. Player and public safety, comfort, and justice may be far more important.

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