Hy-Vee announced back on August 14th that they were investigating a possible security breach. The supermarket chain said that it involved the use of credit and debit cards at fuel pumps, drive-through coffee shops, and restaurants. Check out lanes at grocery stores, drug stores and inside convenience stores are on a different network and were not affected.

Since the initial announcement several weeks ago, Hy-Vee hasn't released many details about where the possible breach took place. Company spokesperson Tina Pottoff says that information about locations and timeframes are generally released at the end of an investigation. The only information they believe was taken was about the credit and debit cards themselves. Potthoff said that identity protection experts agree that compromised payment information by itself is not able to be used to commit identity theft.

For consumers, it's important to monitor your credit and debit card statements. Being diligent can help avoid the hassle of getting money back, which can sometimes take a while.


[via KCRG]

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