Are you a LinkedIn user? So many of us are finding it as yet another way to connect with others, but on a more professional level. You can find jobs, post your resume, and build your network so easily. However, that's where the service can get a bit intrusive, which has brought about a lawsuit. And LinkedIn lost the case, which means being a user might mean you've got a payday coming.

The lawsuit specifically pertains to when someone on LinkedIn requests to connect with you. If you're familiar with the service, that request gets e-mailed to you. If you've ignored it or forgot about it, you get e-mailed again, and again. Ummmm, spam anyone? And by that third email, you're thinking this person is desperate, and maybe you don't want to connect. But it wasn't their call to keep bugging you. That was all LinkedIn.  And LinkedIn has realized their mistake, at a $13 MILLION price tag.

If you signed up for an account between September 17, 2011 and October 31, 2014, you can stake your claim at the cash by filling out the form.  I just did.  It's pretty easy. By the way, the maximum payout is $1500. You can't pass that up. It'll ask you for your claim ID which would have been e-mailed to you.  If you didn't receive one, but still think you're eligible, you can still submit your claim.


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