Some high profile retailers, including Wal-Mart, have made new gun policies public in the past several weeks. That has many Iowans wondering how the changes affect their gun rights in the state.

Local law enforcement officials are trying to clear things up. Basically, if a store owner doesn't want guns in their store, gun owners have to respect that decision. KCRG-TV9 reached out to local law enforcement after Wal-Mart decided that it would stop selling certain types of ammunition and also ask customers not to openly carry firearms in their stores nationwide. Wal-Mart made the decision after a series of high profile mass shootings, including one that took place at a Wal-Mart store in El Paso, Texas.

Johnson County Sheriff's officials say that if a private business has rules in place, patrons need to follow them. Some businesses may choose to post a sign or sticker in their window. However, it is NOT required by law for them to do so. If someone does bring in a weapon that is not allowed, the store owner can inform that person of their rules or call the police for assistance. Officials say law enforcement's response depends greatly on the reaction of the patron.

Sheriff's officials say if a customer violates a businesses policy on guns, they could end up facing trespassing charges.

[via KCRG]

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