Each week we honor another awesome teacher in the area with our KHAK 'Teacher of the Week' Award! Congratulations to this week's winner Tracy Bowers from Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids!

The person who nominated Mrs. Bowers wanted to remain anonymous, but here is what they said:

"Mrs. Bowers is by far the most respectful, kind, and passionate teacher I've ever had. She goes out of her way to make a difference in each and every one of her students and members of her community's lives. One example is a project we had, and we were assigned to do 3 things for others and write about how it impacted us. She goes above and beyond in every aspect no matter what is going on. She never gives up and she has inspired me to be the same way."

Congratulations to Mrs. Bowers! For being named our Teacher of the Week, she'll receive $25 gift cards to Kathy's Pies, Peck's Flower and Garden Shop, Half Price Books, and Wild Hogs in Walford!

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