John's Grocery in Iowa City has been serving customers since they opened their doors all the way back in 1948. And while the store still thrives today as a corner grocery store and specialty beverage stop, they will be shutting down one of their services at the end of the week.

John's Grocery will be shutting down its kitchen at the end of the week, according to A tradition that began back in 1950 will come to an end in 2022. Over 70 years is a pretty nice run. Food from John's Grocery became favorites for many in the Iowa City area and beyond. Erma Alberhasky's famous potato salad and deli sandwiches became staples for many. Eventually, items like cheeseburgers and their famous fried chicken were added to the menu. But those food options will be gone after this week.

John's Grocery via Facebook
John's Grocery via Facebook

The Little Village Mag reports that with the kitchen closing, John's Grocery will be shifting its focus to other areas, including online shopping. Plus, the store's kitchen was in need of a complete remodel, and the investment was simply more than the owners could afford.

Doug Alberhasky, the current owner of John's Grocery, told the Little Village Mag that the store recently had its best holiday season ever. He said it is important to keep that momentum going. Alberhasky noted that when his grandparents opened John's Grocery back in 1948, there were 28 other family-owned corner stores in Iowa City. Today, only John's Grocery remains. Here's to 70 or more great years!

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