Iowa is proud of Jason Momoa. The Hollywood star who grew up in Norwalk has dazzled fans on the big and small screen. Momoa frequently makes visits to some of his old stomping grounds. But earlier this month Momoa was back in the state on business. The 'Aquaman' star was back to promote his premium vodka brand, Meili Vodka. Little did he know he was about to get a major blast from the past!

The Des Moines Register reports that one of those fans waiting in line, eager to meet Momoa was his high school sweetheart, Lindsey Aaron. Aaron hadn't seen Momoa in over two decades, except on the big screen, of course. The two met at Norwalk High School in the late 1990s, according to the Register. Momoa was a senior jock who played soccer from 1994 to 1997. During Aaron's junior year, Momoa asked her out.

courtesy of Lindsey Aaron
courtesy of Lindsey Aaron

The Register reports that at first, Aaron declined Momoa's advances. But then a mutual friend convinced her to give him a chance. The two then dated until Momoa graduated in 1997 and moved to Colorado. The two saw each other the following summer, but then Momoa's star began to catch on. Aaron told the Register that she ran into Jason's mom at a grocery store several years ago and told her to congratulate him on his success. Now, 25 years later, the two former high school sweethearts saw each other again.

courtesty of Lindsey Aaron
courtesy of Lindsey Aaron

Aaron told the Register that it was fun to see Momoa after all these years. The two talked for several minutes and reminisced about pictures from the past. Aaron was even invited to go out for drinks with Momoa and friends that night in Des Moines. But, as the Register reports, family comes first. Aaron was committed to her daughter's debate tournament. Aaron told the Register, "Jason's a family person. I'm sure he understands."

Here is hoping the two can reconnect again sometime soon.

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