Great. Like I need another reason to find stuff on Amazon that I want to buy, but I don't really need. Today and tomorrow we celebrate Amazon Prime Day! The day that your bank account dreads. But the day that your Prime membership can really pay off!

A major shopping holiday in the middle of summer is really a brilliant idea. Amazon loved it so much that this year they've made it a two day holiday! Normally your Prime membership gets you free two-day shipping on most items you purchase. But the next two days are full of member exclusives and huge savings on everything you love to buy online!

Amazon device prices are slashed. You can grab an Echo Dot for just over $20! Kindles and E-Readers are on sale for up to 60% off. You can save on computers, clothing, items for your kitchen, you name it! And let's not forget about the shipping! I found a blu-ray movie I wanted on sale this morning and with my Prime shipping, I can get it later TODAY. Not two days, not tomorrow, later TODAY. I don't care if Amazon drones are stalking me. That's service!

Amazon Prime day only comes once a year, so happy shopping!

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