Every Thursday Brain and Steele read a letter from a listener who has a dilemma they need help with. After the letter is read, it’s YOUR turn to help out with your thoughts and opinions about the situation. Welcome to the Counseling Corner.

Mr Rogers
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Dear Brain and Steele,

My husband and I have been living in the same neighborhood for over 10 years. We've seen neighbors come and go - some we were sad to see go - others not so much.

We have had some "new" neighbors move in.  I say "new" because they've been there about a year. The problems is...they are chronic borrowers. It started with my husband and "Gary."  "Gary" would borrow a power tool about once a week. Yes, these items would be returned, but just the fact that he is in our garage more than us, using it as his own personal hardware store annoyed me. I used to complain to my husband about this, but he said it didn't really bother him. Now it's gotten worse. "Gary's" wife "Marcia" has started borrowing things. She saw me out at the mailbox and said she loved the jacket I was wearing and borrowed that. The latest was a slotted spoon!  A slotted spoon!  Aren't those like a buck-fifty at Wal-Mart?

The thing is, they are nice people and good neighbors are hard to find.  How do we stop the "borrowing" without hurting our relationship as good neighbors?

Mr & Mrs Rogers

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