You might want to re-think how loud you turn up the volume on your TV!

Sunday night was the midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead" on AMC (GREAT episode, by the way), but clearly not everyone was watching.

A 911 call came into the Great Falls Police Department in Montana on Sunday night from a neighbor who was concerned about, "screaming from a house about someone having a gun." This was obviously taken very seriously, so another caller then helped police officers locate the house. A big group of officers surrounded the house and heard "loud talking" and "flashing lights." But when they looked into the residence, the only drama they saw was on the TV! Two adults and several children were sitting around watching a show, which the police department later found out to be "The Walking Dead." There were two open windows located right next to the TV, which is why the neighbors were able to hear all the noise.

Unfortunately, the response by the family is unknown, but I'm sure it was absolutely hilarious!

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