There are some driving rules that vary from state to state.

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The U.S. Department of Transportation is sort of the overseeing force behind a lot of our road rules. Their ultimate goal is to keep the public safe while traveling and to increase "national mobility."

While there are some rules of the road that vary from state to state; like legal driving age, speed limits, and consequences for driving while intoxicated. The laws on the road are practically uniform across the nation.

When you are driving and come across a stretch of road that appears to have solid double yellow lines, passing is prohibited no matter what state you're driving in. These lines indicate that crossing will place you in a lane with opposing traffic.

These rules apply to roads across all of North America.

However, you can cross those lines if you are turning left or to avoid hitting a pedestrian or car that is on the shoulder of the road, according to reports.

They mean something a bit different all around the world. In the United Kingdom, these double yellow lines are also called "verge lines" which indicate a parking restriction. If they are located by a "carriageway" that means that there is no waiting by that area, according to reports.

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