Cedar Rapids has set five new record high temperatures in February, including the month's warmest temperature every recorded in the city. That doesn't bode well if you like green grass and successful crop yields.

Cedar Rapids record highs were set on February 17 (71 degrees), February 19 (70 degrees), February 20 (61 degrees), February 22 (76 degrees), which was also the warmest February temperature in Cedar Rapids history, and today (67 degrees). It's also the first time Cedar Rapids has ever had three days with high temperatures above 70 degrees during February. A warm second month of 2017 could mean a very dry summer is ahead.

Drought & Green Grass

Harry Hillaker, Iowa State Climatologist, told KCRG,

"Generally speaking, warmer than normal spring, warmer than normal summer, is better than 50/50 odds following a February like this. Doesn't guarantee that would be the case. But oddly enough, April and July have most often been warmer than normal for those two months, following an unusually mild February like this one."

La Nina is over and Hillaker says the last time it ended, a drought struck Iowa. That was in 2012, after a mild winter. Uh oh.

Admittedly, there's a lot of stuff lined up that forecasts bad news for farmers, lawns, and more this summer. However, the weather is kind of like the stock market. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

[via KCRG and NOAA]

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