According to KCCI, a special birthday celebration helped around 100 Iowans in need of fuel. With the cost of fuel continuing to rise, and people relying on fuel to get everywhere, this was a huge gift to the community.

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There's a lot that's unique about this. When it's your birthday, you're usually the one receiving the gifts. Not in this case. It was Reverand Robert Johnson's 34th birthday and he decided that he would be the one giving the gifts. That gift was a tank of over 100 Iowans.

The Reverand teamed up with groups such as "Hy-Vee, Urban Dreams, Creative Visions, Joppa Experience, Platinum Kuts" and churches in the area to do a pump takeover of Hy-Vee on Southeast 14th Street and Park Avenue in Des Moines. The report states that the takeover started at 10 a.m. and free tanks of gas were given away until $3,000 was spent. That didn't take long either. Cars were lined up waiting to get their gas and it only took about an hour to get to that $3,000. That got gas for about 100 Iowans in need.

It was such a heartwarming and selfless gesture, that so many appreciated. Gas prices are rising and we could see as much as $4 per gallon here in Cedar Rapids. Yikes. That just makes us all the more thankful for generous people like Reverand Johnson who are doing what they can to help others struggling.

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