Facebook is celebrating a major birthday this year. On February 4th 2004, the social media platform launched as TheFacebook and people have been commenting, liking, and poking ever since.

That's right, Facebook is old enough to vote but it can't drink just yet.

We can all agree that's a good thing, because there's already been one too many drunk Facebook statuses over the last two decades.

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Facebook In The Headlines

Mark Zuckerburg's company Meta is in the limelight once again.

Earlier this week, during a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on child safety, a senator urged him to apologize to the parents of children who were harmed by social media use.

According to reports, there are approximately 2.94 billion monthly users of Facebook across the globe.

Even if you just go in daily to check in on family members or just to confirm just when your college friend's birthday is, Facebook is a part of most of our daily lives.

There is one popular thing that many users do on the social media platform; and it's something that you should stop doing right now.

Protect Your Personal Information

We've all come across those silly personality quizzes on Facebook. Well, according to reports they aren't as innocent as you'd think.

Hackers can actually create these quizzes to get some of your personal information that Facebook give them. They can use this to hack into your accounts and even steal your identity!

Set limits for social media use
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In addition, those quizzes can lead you to a sketchy website off of the app. They could also be malicious links AND there's a chance your device can get viruses from one wrong website link!

So, when you are navigating any sort of social media platform, make sure to only click on links that you trust 100%.

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How to Turn Off Facebook's Link History

It'll take less than 2 minutes to turn off Facebook's newest new data tracker.

Gallery Credit: Facebook

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