13-year-old Peyton Brenner was out for a ride on his ATV on July 8th when he crashed into a tree and fence, cutting his leg badly.

His mom, Christina, was relaxing in a pool nearby when she saw the crash, so she sprung into action. A recent nursing school graduate, she knew he hit a major artery, and she knew she needed a tourniquet.

So, Christina grabbed the first thing she could get ahold of; her bikini top. She ripped it off and tied it around Peyton's leg, holding pressure until the ambulance arrived, who transported him to Genesis East in Davenport.

After an emergency surgery, the surgeon told Christina that Peyton's femoral artery and femoral vein were both completely severed in the accident. Peyton was given a wound vac, and the surgeon also had to perform a fasciotomy (an area of his leg was removed to relieve pressure within itself).

On July 9th, Peyton was transferred to the PICU (Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit) at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

By July 11th, he was able to be transferred from the PICU to the Children's Surgical Specialty Unit.

When July 14th came, doctors made the decision to close the outer right incision in his calf, while leaving the wound vac in the inner incision.

Peyton was discharged and sent home on July 16th, where he'll be able to relax a little better as he works through his recovery.

Yesterday, Peyton took his first walk with a dangling leg while at physical therapy, showing signs of a promising few more weeks.

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