Two years ago, local baker Kassie Mather decided to open up her own shop in Keystone after appearing on The Food Network's Cake Wars. Fast forward to today and she's thriving.

Main Street Bakery and Cafe has expanded just as she planned, serving sweets, soups, a coffee bar, and so much more. We're glad to see a local business like this flourishing.

ORIGINAL STORY: A local cake decorator who appeared on a Food Network show is opening a bakery in Eastern Iowa.

According to KCRG, Kassie Mather plans to open up a bakery and cafe in Keystone this month. Mather is a local cake decorator who decided to showcase her talents in what will be known as Main Street Bakery and Cafe. And she IS talented. Just check out some of her amazing, edible works of art.

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If you think that someone so incredibly talented must have gone to school forever to create these masterpieces, think again. She learned it all on her own!

How did Kassie Mather get into cake decorating?

Mather told KCRG that she got into cake decorating but just making cakes for her kids for fun. It soon became an enjoyable hobby. She then took her skills to a Cedar Rapids grocer, where she decorated cakes for 11 years. Mather didn't stay local either she spread to talents all the way to a national television show on the Food Network. You probably heard of it, it's called Cake Wars. You can see Mather's episode here.

Where is Main Street Bakery and Cafe in Keystone located?

KCRG reports that after leaving the grocer store, Mather has been running a cake decorating business out of her home for almost a year. Now her business gets to rise to its own building at 92 Main Street, which used to be a bar, then a cricket farm. After damage from the derecho, and the former business not wanting to rebuild, it was decided by a contest that a bakery could be just the thing the community needed. And viola! This place cleaned up nicely.

What's on the Main Street Bakery and Cafe in Keystone menu?

Mather plans to offer "custom cakes, a full pastry case of sweet treats, donuts and rolls, hot breakfast, hand-cut meat for fresh sandwiches and salads, homemade soups, a full coffee bar, beer and wine,” according to KCRG. Plus, she'll even offer classes AND an event space! WOW.

When does Main Street Bakery and Cafe in Keystone open?

Kassie plans to open up shop the week after Valentine's Day, according to KCRG. And we can't wait...seriously, our mouths are watering.


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